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Elizabeth has had a love affair with books ever since she learned to read. Saturday night trips into town included a visit with the librarian, sharing popcorn with her and her orange tabby, and going home with an armload of books. Gradually the books progressed to juvenile and teenage detectives, then in her later teens she discovered Frank Yerby’s historicals and a life-long love of historical romance books began.

Always excelling in English, she was the editor of her high school newspaper and wanted to become a reporter. There were no openings at the weekly newspaper, so she moved to Calgary and went to secretarial college, a profession that has benefited her all her life. At twenty she married Doug, the love of her life and months later they moved to Germany for Doug’s five-year tour. And there she finally wandered through her first castle! One of several.

Although she has written poems and short stories that are published in several anthologies, Elizabeth’s first novel plot came to her in the middle of cooking breakfast eggs for her four young sons. Then several books later, she fell in love with Garth Brooks’ song, That Summer, and the current Prairie Moon Trilogy was born. At a romance writers conference in Calgary, Beneath A Horse Thief-Moon won the Reader’s Choice Award. Although there were gaps in her writing years when life intervened, she never lost sight of her dream of publishing books set in all ten Canadian provinces and the Yukon.

Thanks to Prairie Rose Press, that dream is now coming true.

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