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Book no.1


U.S. Marshal Chase Reynolds is on a mission—to track down an escaped train robber, even if it takes him into the wilds of Canada! Hot on the outlaw’s trail, he follows him into the Canadian West—and encounters more than he bargained for when he’s taken prisoner by a beautiful woman.


Sara Cranston is trying to hold on to her ranch that a band of outlaws is determined to steal from her. A woman alone, she’s “easy pickin’s”—and this ruthless crew is after more than the ranch—there’s a legend of buried gold hidden somewhere on her land.


Sara and Chase have a shared past—one that is full of lies and secrets…and love. Seventeen years have gone by, and the passion is still there between them—but will deceit and mistrust keep them from the happiness they both crave?


Chase has a duty to bring in the outlaws, but now he must work fast to do it before they murder the woman he loves. Can he convince her the future is still theirs for the taking if they only survive to enjoy it? Anything can happen BENEATH A HORSE-THIEF MOON…

Beneath a Fugitive Moon EClement Rev Web


Beautiful Jolene Reynolds is on a quest. Is there a man in this world who will love her, kiss her, and treasure her like her father does her mother? It seems that every bachelor in the territory is interested in her—and though the clock is ticking, she has to wonder…is it truly a pursuit of the heart, or is it because of what she’ll inherit? When handsome Mike Sutton rides back into her life her search is over—at least, in her own heart. Mike intrigues her with his laughing eyes and quick wit…but surely, if he felt the same interest, wouldn’t he try to steal one kiss? So…why hasn’t he?

Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Sutton has been besotted with Jolene for two solid years—and now, he’s got her all to himself. But his honor won’t let him make the most of the perfect situation. He’s promised his best friend, Chase, that he’ll safeguard Jolene until her father’s return from his art show back East—and he’s not about to let Chase down. Though he’s faced deadly outlaws without flinching, he’s on shaky ground emotionally when he holds Jolene in his arms. Young, beautiful, and educated—she’s too good for him. One kiss could be his undoing.

Trouble that has been simmering comes to a dangerous boil, forcing Mike and Jolene to become fugitives—and depend only on one another. Can they finally be honest with their feelings and find love BENEATH A FUGITIVE MOON…


Beneath A Desperado Moon EClements Rev.j



Deputy U.S. Marshal Josh Hunter never believed he’d see beautiful Molly Malone again—but he’d recognize her saucy smile and cinnamon eyes anywhere. Trouble was, so would Buckshot Jones, the outlaw who holds a deadly grudge against her.

Molly has never forgotten that long-ago, bone-melting kiss she shared with Josh—a kiss that changed everything for her. But when she is kidnapped by Buckshot’s gang of cutthroats, the handsome marshal with the green eyes and killer kisses isn’t around to rescue her. Josh shows up in the nick of time, but will his claim be enough to hold off the others? 

When an old flame from England shows up to lay claim to Josh’s heart, Molly must fight for him. Can she face her tarnished past and keep his love BENEATH A DESPERADO MOON?

Praise for Beneath a Horse Thief Moon

"This story delivered on all the emotions - laughter and swooning, sorrow and triumph."

Beneath a Fugitive Moon

"Be prepared for twists to flip what you expect around."     —Michelle Reed

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What’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol and 4th of July fireworks? This wonderful collection of western historical romance novellas! HOT WESTERN NIGHTS is a set of six exciting stories of the old west and sizzling romance all stirred together with the sexy heat of summer!

Will true love take Nash and Jewel by surprise after all in Karen Michelle Nutt’s FAKE MARRIAGE WITH A DASH OF DESIRE?

J. Arlene Culiner’s THE LADY PIANO PLAYER is a story of a woman’s escape from a loveless marriage and the talent that brings a new love into her life.

Will Dan Loomis’s search for a dangerous deserter lead him to the love of a lifetime? In Angela Raines’s story, DUTY, helping a beautiful young woman fight off neighboring thugs could keep Dan from going after the man he’s vowed to bring in.

Angela Summers has cared for her grandfather in the mining camp for many years. But when danger strikes, saloon owner Jack Williams must try to protect the woman he loves in DIAMOND JACK’S ANGEL by Elizabeth Clements.

In Julie Lence’s story, a misunderstanding has caused a serious rift in Amy and Ryan Jansen’s marriage. Can they find a way to mend their love and make this A SUMMER TO REMEMBER?

A deputy U. S. marshal comes upon a dying man and finds unexpected love when he carries out the man’s last request in GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE by Kaye Spencer.

Just in time for summer, this fabulous collection of six sure-fire western love stories are the perfect remedy for “what should I read next” on those HOT WESTERN NIGHTS!

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