Excerpt From Beneath a Horse Thief Moon...


Chase Reynolds has been shot by a cattle rustler and his body is going into shock. Fortunately, a stranger realizes he has been shot and needs help. They’re on the prairie, in the moonlight, and a doctor is a good hour’s ride away….



His sense of humor squeezed her heart. It felt good to laugh. Too good. No man she knew would be so gracious after being shoved at gunpoint into an outhouse. Well, perhaps one man. But that was long ago. Seventeen years ago.

Clamping down on those thoughts, she lifted his right arm across his chest and pressed his fingers over the pad to keep it in place. “Now don't move.” Gripping the front of his open collar, she kept the material taut with the knife and carefully sliced downward.

“Why don't you just rip the damned thing apart?”

“Because the buttons will fly off.”

“Isn't that just like a woman to worry about a few buttons.”

“Buttons are precious.”

“So are people,” he murmured. “I could be dying.”

“Well, you're not,” she said crisply. “Thank God,” she muttered to herself. He went still. Her skin prickled as if he'd touched her with his eyes. She didn't dare look at him because he had a most unnerving effect on her. Done at last, she parted the material and gasped. “Oh, my.”

She'd never seen such a magnificent chest in all her life.

Moonlight gleamed in the mantle of golden hair that curled over the curved pads of his chest and created shadows in the contours of his flat stomach. Her fingers itched to stroke him, discover if he felt as good as he looked.

“What's wrong? Am I bleeding there, too?”

“Huh?” Sara stared at him blankly. In the shadow of his hat brim his yes gleamed. One lid lowered, then lifted. A wink? Land sakes, he winked!

His deep chuckle poured over her like warmed honey. “Do you like what you see?”

Embarrassed to have been caught staring, she grabbed the bottom of the bloodied panel and ripped it off at the shoulder seam. She tossed it aside and reached for the clean panel.

“Why don't I make it easy for you?” Quick as lightning he placed her hand on the pad on his shoulder and yanked the remnants of the shirt down his arm, stopped only by the still-fastened cuff. “Now unbutton me and I'm all yours.”

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